Making changes to make a difference

Coaching is a process used in many situations for many reasons. It can be personal development, crisis management, managing change, leadership coaching and much more. Coaching fits within the work context, personal life and sporting scenarios.

A coach will work with you to:

  • help you see new perspectives

  • challenge thoughts and encourage creative thinking

  • realise and maximise your potential

  • help you to organise your thinking and be more productive

  • work through any limiting beliefs which may be holding you back

Coaching works with individuals and teams, it is an effective way to develop team building,

work through difficulties or develop new strategies. 

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Coaches have a range of techniques and tools; they will use the appropriate tools which suit you and your topic. 

Quality coaching will involve deep listening skills and invaluable questions, which will reflect your thinking and challenge you safely.

The initial coaching session will establish ways of working, confidentiality and set long term goals. The session content will be guided by you with the coach seeking focus and direction in your thinking. 

  • Coaching can be a liberating experience, offering an opportunity to reflect, plan and act upon new ideas. It can help you identify what is preventing you from achieving your goals or targets. 

  • Coaching can be a fantastic opportunity for you to develop  and grow.

  • Coaching is non-directive and non-judgemental.

It is important that you choose a coach who suits you, your needs and your style. JMA has a range of associates offering effective and results driven coaching. Check out the profiles and talk to them (probably on the phone), or meet, before choosing who you would like to work with. 

The number of sessions you have will be agreed between you and your coach. This will largely depend on you, your requirements and expectations. JMA has associates across the UK and seeks to ensure that there is always a good fit between coach and client.

Team Meeting


Team coaching is a superb, positive experience which creates some fantastic results. Using a range of tools in team meetings, people are seeing a rise in creativity, team balance and harmony.

Team coaching can be used to develop teams, existing or new project focus teams. It is a quick and effective way to bring people together to maximise performance and ensure success. 

JMA can offer coaches to facilitate meetings, plan focus groups and support individuals within the larger team. An additional approach is for a JMA coach to work with a team leader or project manager to assist them in developing the skills they need to do it themselves.

The coach will be on hand to support the process.

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Performance and development coaching is a popular tool used within the workplace to support personal and company development. It offers individuals the space and time to focus on objectives and consider new and innovative ways in which to improve their performance. 

The Return on Investment (ROI) is priceless. Organisations have recognised the value of investing in their personnel. It raises performance levels and creates a more successful and productive workforce.

Studies have shown that companies investing in coaching, report higher productivity and performance levels. This reinforces the argument that the ROI on coaching is indeed one of the highest employee investment returns a company can make. 

Many organisations are creating a coaching culture within management. By changing management style, teams are able to flourish and perform with ease. 

JMA's team of coaches can help your organisation create a culture of coaching, from training managers to advising board members. In addition, JMA can design and create bespoke materials to support your staff as coaches and coachees.



This is an alternative to coaching, offering more guided support to an individual. This works well in a range of situations in both personal and business settings. 

Mentoring offers a context for sharing experience and supporting individuals in a more structured way through their development. It can often be content or skill development related. 

For example:

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Writing a CV

  • Seeking out information about something specific

  • Sharing experiences of a job role

  • Help in understanding a promotional structure



JMA can offer a range of training options on coaching and mentoring. These can work in many different ways reacting to your needs. 

JMA can offer 1:1 training and support e.g. to new mentors, team leaders, newly qualified coaches, line managers training as coaches.

Workshops can be designed to reflect your organisational response to coaching and mentoring. These can be stand alone modules or ongoing training to develop skills within the organisation. 

JMA has experience of working with organisations to assist them in identifying what approach they would like to take, what suits their organisation best and therefore, how to achieve effective results. Evaluation and monitoring of all projects is essential and is incorporated in all lines of development.



Motivational Speaker

JMA has a broad portfolio of skill development related workshops. 

Here are some of the workshops which can be provided for you and your organisation:

  • Coaching for managers

  • Mentoring 

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Feedback Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

  • Confidently Speaking

  • Assertiveness

  • Dyslexia Awareness

  • Creating an inclusive learning or working environment

  • Communicating effectively

  • Running effective meetings

  • Training for trainers

  • Interview skills

  • Preparation for interview

  • CV development

  • Career coaching

There are many other packages available, for more information contact JMA.


JMA can provide you with a range of associates offering motivational speaking. These can be for any type of event, from conferences, dinners, award ceremonies and team meetings or training events.

Motivational speaking is an excellent opportunity to inspire and provoke thinking. The essential technique is to make the topic relevant and poignant. Our speakers have a range of backgrounds and the ability to deliver heartfelt and provocative talks in a range of environments. 

Every speaker will tailor their session and content according to the audience and the topic of the event. For example, at a recent award ceremony for young people, Jane was able to reflect on how she had afilled her bag with experiences over the years and encourage the audience to think about what was already in their bag and how they would add to it. Even the parents commented on how they felt encouraged to think again about their own lives!

Motivational speaking can be fun, evocative and most importantly thoughtful. Overall it is a quick way to promote and encourage thinking and development within a target audience.



Leadership can be a natural talent and/or something which requires development. Either way, there is always the need for reflection and consideration.

Leadership programmes offer an opportunity to:

  • explore the latest research in management techniques

  • understand how and when to apply them in the work context

  • learn more about yourself and the impact you have on others

  • appreciate how people work in different ways 

  • know how to maximise performance 

  • improve existing processes to ensure more consistent development

  • learn more about how to get the best out of others.​

All programmes are tailor made to accommodate the requirements of each organisation.