Walking together on a learning journey

Quality facilitation moves learning into a place where the learner is valued, respected and creates their own learning space. In doing so, information shared and developed will be more accessible and learners will develop their own referencing points more effectively, therefore developing knowledge and skills which are sustainable. 
Quality facilitation suits all learning preferences creating a more engaging, effective and inclusive learning environment. It is based on mutual respect for everyone in the room.
Facilitators draw on a range of skills including coaching, mentoring and training techniques. 
JMA uses facilitation in a range of contexts, including the delivery of training programmes, workshops, team events and running challenging meetings. All associates have a broad range of experience and qualifications in the area of learning.


Training programmes are delivered in a facilitative style which creates the optimum learning and development opportunity. Feedback from delegates is 100% positive, with many saying it was the best training they have ever attended. 

There are many training programmes available from JMA, these can be used in a modular build to create larger corporate packages. Training can be packages off the shelf or perhaps bespoke training to clearly reflect your needs and requirements.

JMA Associates will always take time to ensure that the training matches your requirements and that you are getting the best learning solution for your staff. This need not be time consuming or costly, it is simply about making sure there is a good fit and that learning needs are always met in the most appropriate way possible. 

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Every training event is unique. A quality facilitator will always create a bespoke environment in reaction to the needs of the delegate. 

JMA is skilled in developing bespoke courses in response to a clients needs. This could mean the tweaking of an existing programme or the development of something completely new.

JMA will work closely with you and your organisation to identify real needs and potential outcomes. From this, bespoke training packages can be developed and devised. 

Working this way ensures you, the client, always get what you need and that you maximise the learning opportunity. 

It is always worth talking to JMA to discuss your needs and possible requirements.


JMA has delivered a large number of events focussed on developing and improving team performance. These are always fun and interactive with key learning points and team building solutions incorporated.

Each event is a reflection of the needs of the manager and their team. he venue is often quite important to the event and JMA can advice on suitable places to hold these activities. 

Team events have also been developed to handle conflict resolution, new teams establishing for projects, building confidence, improving communication with management. Themes often emerge during the consultation phase ensuring that the event is fit for purpose for everyone involved. 

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There are times when an external facilitator can add a huge amount of value to meetings. These could be kick off meetings for projects, difficult situations which require resolving, planning and budget meetings which would benefit from an additional independent viewpoint. 

Using a JMA associate can bring many dynamics to a meeting scenario. They can also coach you in managing your meeting more effectively, heling you to build your skills and confidence.


With a team of OFSTED and British Council trained associates, JMA is well placed to audit your existing training provision. This can be an effective way of monitoring and evaluating the learning experience within your organisation.

Audits will often highlight good practice and ways in which training could be improved with some simple changes.

Through a consultation and planning process, the audit team will work with you to identify your objectives and requirements. Each audit is accompanied by a full report with recommendations.

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JMA has a broad portfolio of skill development related workshops. 

Here are some of the workshops which can be provided for you and your organisation:

  • Coaching for managers

  • Mentoring 

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Feedback Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

  • Confidently Speaking

  • Assertiveness

  • Dyslexia Awareness

  • Creating an inclusive learning or working environment

  • Communicating effectively

  • Running effective meetings

  • Training for trainers

  • Interview skills

  • Preparation for interview

  • CV development

  • Career coaching

There are many other packages available, for more information contact JMA.