JMA Ltd has a range of specialism within the field of disabilities, including dyslexia and the autistic spectrum. JMA Associates bring a range of experience and a wealth of knowledge offering services from screening, identification to ongoing support. It is often important to raise awareness amongst employees of a disability, again workshops can be designed and delivered for you and your organisation

JMA can offer a range of services including:

  • Screening

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Workshops

  • Bespoke awareness training for organisations

  • Advice on creating an inclusive work and learning environment


Everyone learns in their own unique style, it is simply that that some people can be profiled for their learning style more effectively than others. These are hidden learning difficulties which are specific to a series of cognitive profiles. 

There are five key SpLD’s which are referred to under this heading:

  • Dyslexia (difficulty with words)

  • dyspraxia (difficulty with movement)

  • dysphasia (difficulty with speech)

  • dyscalculia (difficulty with number)

  • dysgraphia (difficulty with writing)

If you think you have an SpLD or would like further information regarding a colleague or friend, then do contact JMA for more information.



When the original Disability Discrimination Act was introduced in 1995 JMA was well placed to offer a range of awareness workshops. This has now been incorporated into the Equality Act 2010 which encompasses all discriminatory law. 

JMA offers support to HR and Personnel departments on to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace. In light of recent changes to the law, companies are keen to find out more about how to accommodate employees with difficulties and to learn about what makes a reasonable adjustment.  

In addition to JMAs own services and associate skills, JMA has access to a large network of skilled and qualified individuals, agencies and specialists.


JMA has been and is currently involved in European wide projects on the topic of dyslexia. The current project, known as DYS-A.R.T is looking at how dyslexic individuals are supported in Higher Education. The project will look at good practice in the UK as well as sharing information and experience with EU partners. 

There will be a particular focus on the technologies which are available to support dyslexic learners. Along with this, the project will celebrate the achievements of dyslexic learners through Art and a range of substantial media. 

Previous EU work has involved developing and designing training materials, these have been used in a range of different countries and settings. 

For more information about any of these projects, or becoming involved with the current project, please contact JMA direct.




JMA has been delivering dyslexia awareness workshops for over 10 years, this has included designing and delivering bespoke packages for the Armed Forces, MOD, Universities, Local Councils, large companies and many more client groups. 

Workshops can be anything from 2 hour briefings to 2 day awareness and training in how to use screening tools. 

All workshops can be made bespoke in reaction to your needs or you could choose an existing package to be delivered.

Coaching/Counselling the dyslexic individual

This is a new workshop aimed at qualified and experienced coaches and counsellors who would like to know more about how to manage the coaching experience with a dyslexic client. Their unique way of thinking can be seen as obstructive, it is important for the coach or counsellor to have a better understanding to make their work more effective.

Coaching techniques for the dyslexic tutor

A new workshop looking to offer additional skills to tutors working with dyslexic clients. Often it is not the spelling or writing which is the main concern, but issues of low self esteem and confidence. Coaching techniques can be an ideal additional solution. This course offers tutors the opportunity to share good practice and gain insight to invaluable techniques to develop their work further.


Making changes for the dyslexic learner can benefit all learners, whatever the setting or medium for learning. There are many techniques, simple and subtle ideas which can make a huge difference.

For example:

  • Changing the colour of paper being used

  • Using the right fonts on handouts

  • Knowing how to make powerpoint presentations most effective

  • Changing styles of delivery

There are many more in addition to this, so why not find out what simple changes you could be making, understand why you should make the changes and consider what else could be good practice.

JMA can offer 1:1 or organisational consultancy on this topic. Having written the original 'How to be Dyslexia Friendly' paper, Jane knows lots about how to make this work. Jane has also been a consultant to a range of Communications organisation, looking at tools which can make the learning environment more accessible.

Workshops are also available on this topic, again to suit your organisational needs.